Your OneBit is on Binance Now, What Next? – OneBit Tips and Tricks

You must feel quite excited that you are finally on MindSynch OneBit trading system. You may have a few questions still. Here are some tips and tricks for you to enjoy our automatic trading:


Is my API bot working?
Once your API is ready, OneBit will synch with Binance on Wallet, Trade and Futures information. The Open Orders under Spot and Futures on OneBit are reflected under Binance Trade. The wallet shows your investment balance.

My API is ready. Why nothing happens?
Hmm, first, take a deep breath please.
When your API is already set up on OneBit, you may not see any trading orders yet, no matter how many times you have refreshed OneBit. Don’t worry. OneBit will allocate your trading assets automatically based on market conditions.  When it is a volatile bull market or a bear one, OneBit may cease to allocate any of your assets for trading to protect the value of your total investment. Hence, sometimes you may not see significant or even any trading orders on Binance.

How much have I earned?
Usually a quick view of daily P&L on Binance app gives you most information on how OneBit is performing (Binance Wallet – Spot – PNL).

Alternatively, you can also go to OneBit and see the P&L under Spot or Future, or with more details under Profit Statistics.

How safe is my OneBit bot? 
OneBit only trades for you. It has no withdrawal right from your Binance account. Please double check your API setting on Binance: Under API List, do NOT enable withdrawals. Also never share your API secret key.

Why is there no trade orders on Future? 
The risks associated with future trading are higher with greater potential for profit and loss.  When the timing of the market is good, we will inform you when you may use our API on future trading.

Can I add more investment?
Sure, you can increase your total assets by purchasing more USDT on Binance. OneBit will allocate your assets automatically when the market condition meets our strategies. To minimize risks, we suggest you contacting us before increasing investment, so that we can find a good point of entry.

OneBit platform looks very complicated. Do I need to do anything?
No let the bot trade automatically for you. MindSynch intends to disclose all trading details to you, but you do not need to oblige yourself to read them through. Meanwhile, you are welcome to ask us any questions about OneBit system.

I’d like to make some manual trading. Can I?
Yes you can. We will exclude all your manual trading from profit calculation. However, to keep a cleaner record on our bot performance, we suggest you leave the account for OneBit trading only.
Binance allows one client only one account, but you may try to contact their customer support to unlock the sub-account feature, so that you can use a sub-account for manual trading.

Can I see any backtesting statistics?
Backtesting is the general method for seeing how well a strategy or model would have done ex-post. Backtesting assesses the viability of a trading strategy by discovering how it would play out using historical data.
You can go to OneBit – Backtester to simulate our strategies. Actual performance is always better than backtesting results. Below is a backtest result: If you invested $1,000 in Dec 2018, your asset would have increased to $4,266 using OneBit.

OneBit of trading, one giant leap in life…

We hope these 9 tips and tricks make your OneBit startup experience smooth and easy. Feel free to ask any questions on our live chat, or contact us.
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