OneBit Investor Return February 2021

Here is our quick update on February 2021 performance:

  • OneBit average investor return on spot trading is 56.2% (Jan 17.2%).

Feb profit on popular coins:

  • 33.9% (Jan -4.4%) average return for Bitcoin (BTC)
  • 4.9% (Jan 45.2%) average return for Ethereum (ETH)
  • 24.7% (Jan -8.3%) average return for Litecoin (LTC)
  • 6.5% (Jan 44.6%) average return for Ripple (XRP)
  • 11.6% (Jan 1.4%) average return for Bitcoin Cash (BCH)

Bitcoin had a momentous run in February, from catapulting to a market capitalization of $1 trillion to smashing the $58,000-mark. Then in the last week of February, Bitcoin tumbled 27% to below $45,000. We deem it as a normal adjustment in this volatile market.

OneBit maintains its core strength, stability, during this volatile period. Binance was temporarily down a few times due to large volume trading and manual trading could not proceed. Despite the obstacles, OneBit continued steady bot trading among the waves. Kudos to our IT Architect’s and Trading Strategist’s hard work behind the scene!

The month also saw heavyweight institutions embracing cryptocurrency:

  • Tesla announced $1.5 billion purchase on BTC.
  • Mastercard said that it will begin allowing customers to use some cryptocurrencies on its network later this year. 
  • Twitter CEO announced a partnership to start a bitcoin endowment with focus on developing the cryptocurrency in India and Africa. 
  • MicroStrategy reinforced its support for bitcoin by adding to its existing pile. 

Our trading philosophy:
Catch the high tide and cushion the downside.

Just as your assets are trading via OneBit, so are ours. In OneBit’s asset pool, every client enjoys the same trading strategies as the owners of the company. We share the same risks and opportunities and will try our best to share with you the joy of crypto trading as we feel it ourselves.

OneBit of trading, one giant leap in life…

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