Why MindSynch Onebit?

  • Smart: Cryptocurrency trading bot that runs 20+ dynamic trading strategies simultaneously on multiple cryptos every 15 minutes for profit maximization.
  • Simple: Straight forward API configuration even for beginners, automatically running trades 24/7 so you can sit back and relax.
  • Safe: Cloud-based platform, always updated, no installs, no servers needed. Trade directly on Binance, your coins stored only in your wallet.
How it Works? - MindSynch OneBit

7 simple steps to start trading!

    1. If you are not yet trading on Binance, the largest exchange platform for crypto currencies, sign up to Binance here (10% transaction fee discount with our referral).
    2. Buy USDT coins with your bank deposit or debit/credit card. (USDT is linked to US Dollars and stays relatively stable, hence a good starting point for trading).
    3. Go to your account and click API Management.
    4. Key in a name of your choice at Label API key to proceed and then click Create API.
Simple Steps to Start Trading - MindSynch
Create API key on Binance Account
Login MindSynch OneBit - Configure API Key
  1. Under API List, only check Enable Spot & Margin Trading, and Enable Futures (if you open Futures under Wallet already). For the security of your account and assets, do not enable other options. Copy both the API Key and Secret Key.
    Note: never ever share your secret key. For security reasons, the API secret is only stored on your system.
  2. Login to MindSynch OneBit system with your account email and password provided by MindSynch. You can change your password under your Profile – User Manager.
  3. Go to Wallet, Setup API key, then Paste API key and API secret under Spot Account, click Save. You can scroll down and do the same configuration for Futures if you want trade futures on OneBit. Now OneBit will synch with Binance on Wallet, Trade and Futures information.

Congratulations! You can now sit back and relax and let OneBit do the trading for you!

Getting Started is Easy!

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