How MindSynch Works
Great Minds Synch Alike - Here you access professional talents worldwide who share their knowledge to address your challenges
  • Browse MindSynch coach inventory under Coaching
  • Clicks into a coach's profile for qualifications and experience.
  • When you find a match to the skillset you are looking for, log in and book a coaching session and fill out a survey information sheet about your topics or challenges, time and language preference etc.
  • 3 available time slots will be sent to you via email for your choice, together with the Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA), payment details and coach meeting ID.
  • Upon confirming the time, you will be directed to sign NDA and proceeds with payment via PayPal or credit card.
  • You can then go to and join a meeting with the coach meeting ID when your session starts. Enjoy the personalized coaching with our expert!
  • When your session starts, enjoy the personalized coaching with our expert!
  • Session is not cancellable, but you may request rescheduling 48 hours before the session, by Contact Us.
  • In your user portal, you can see the coming meetings and past sessions with the coaches you have selected.