Why MindSynch

It is a unique experience of online tutoring here in MindSynch. Learning and tutoring are purely at your own will and your own pace and own choices.

As a MindSynch Learner, the reason of your being here is not to receive a formal educational degree or certificate. You are here because you want to learn something new, build a hobby or polish your skills. You are here to meet tutors around the world for good discussions of your questions, on live.

As a MindSynch Tutor, you have a generous heart to share with others what you are passionate about. You may not be a formal teacher in life, but you have gained significant experience through work, life and education. You believe in two-day education, i.e. learning by tutoring and tutoring by learning.

6 Benefits as a MindSynch Learner to Take Up New Knowledge
  • Take live classes with instructors around the world.
  • Affordable price for quality knowledge.
  • Classes that can be customized to your level and requirement.
  • No need to leave your favorite place to learn.
  • No more one-way video learning - talk to your tutors face to face online, and ask questions real time!
  • No more full class session commitment; you are the master of your knowledge progression.
6 Benefits as MindSynch Tutor to Share Your Knowledge
  • Believe me, you know something better than others - share it by tutoring.
  • Teach people and share your knowledge around the world; don't let your knowledge idle in your brain.
  • Convert your knowledge into income opportunity.
  • Your choice of time and place to tutor.
  • Meet your learners online; gain your reputation globally.
  • Create a healthy learning eco-system - all are tutors and all are learners.


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