How to Better Plan Your Online Class
Tips for a Successful Online Class
Tutor Points and Ranks
Manage Your Class via Video Conference
Revenue Calculator
How to Better Plan Your Online Class
Schedule ahead:
Create a clear curriculum
Promote your class
One hour class:
Plan a rehearsal
Understand your Learners
Avoid text-heavy PowerPoint
Manage the aesthetics of your webcam view
Tips for a Successful Online Class
Start early and start interacting
Interact within the first few minutes:
Provide housekeeping
Waste no time getting into your content
Interact with Your Learners
Use Zoom's annotation to grab and direct attention:
Make eye contact
Understand you may have a global audience
Post-class best practice

Last but not the least, be passionate in what you teach and learn during the tutor experience; aim to be an expert of the subject.

Tutor Points and Ranks

When you become a MindSynch Tutor, you receive 2 Tutor Points for every 30-minute class. You can exchange every 10 Tutor Points for one 30-minute class of your interested topic. Thank you for sharing your knowledge at MindSynch!

Meanwhile, you will also be ranked based on your tutor hours at MindSynch. The higher you rank, the more experienced you are as MindSynch Tutor.

Tutor Rank:

MindSynch Tutor
0-59 Tutor Hours
MindSynch Professor
120-239 Tutor Hours
MindSynch Lecturer
60-119 Tutor Hours
MindSynch Dean
above 240 Tutor Hours
Manage Your Class via Video Conference

We partner with Zoom for online classes.

As a MindSynch Tutor:
As a MindSynch Learner:
Host a Class as MindSynch Tutor:
When you click the Settings icon on the top right corner of Home on Zoom App, you can:
Manage your class:

Once you have started or joined a class, you can perform the following actions from the menu bar located at the bottom of the meeting window:

Revenue Calculator
MindSynch Revenue Sharing Program:

In MindSynch, we maximize your income opportunity and provide facilitation and administration for your seamless tutor experience online. We believe in simplicity; each learner will pay $5 USD for a 30-minute class. You will take 80% ($4 per learner per 30-minute) and MindSynch shares 20% ($1).

Where Do We Use This One Dollar?
Revenue Calculator:

Here is a simulated calculator if you want to know how much you can earn from MindSynch Tutor:

Revenue for One Class
Input Your Estimation Here
Hours per Class
Class per month
Learners per Class
Total Learners per Month
Total Class Hours per Month
Revenue per Month
Revenue per Year


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