Our Team
Lin Hou
Founder & CEO| MBA, MSE, CPA, CMA

Lin graduated from University of Michigan with a Master of Business Administration (MBA) and Master of Science in Industrial Engineering (MSE) and holds an active Certified Public Account (CPA) and Certified Management Accountant (CMA) status in China and USA. With 15 years work experience in multinational companies in USA, Hong Kong, China mainland and UAE, she has becomes an expert in international business and finance with a focus on hi-tech industry.

My father has told me since I was a little girl: 'Knowledge is the only asset that can never be stolen away from you.' I guess my passion toward the pursuit of knowledge has started since then.

Daniel Moersdorf
Founder & Chairman| MBA, ACC (ICF)

Daniel holds a Master of Business Administration (MBA) from the Ross School of Business, University of Michigan. With more than 12 years of work experience across the globe (notably USA, China, Malaysia & UAE), he has gained wide knowledge in the international manufacturing industry ranging from field such as automotive products over elevator & mobility solutions to electronic manufacturing services. He further holds credentials as Associate Certified Coach under International Coaching Federation standards.

Knowledge is not something we are born with but which we obtain through our efforts in life. We never lose it and it stays with us for our whole live. Sadly we have only limited ways and opportunities to share it with others. I always pondered how great it would be to share our greatest gift more easily with others. MindSynch intends to be that medium to allow everyone to express his or her personal knowledge and to let others share into that experience.

Dennis Teo
Founder| MBA, MSE

An international career in Manufacturing and Supply Chain Consulting spanning 23 years, Dennis brings significant experience and leadership in transforming multinational corporations' Logistics and Supply Networks, Sales and Operations Planning, Inventory Deployment and Production Planning into world-class competitive capabilities. Dennis graduated from the University of Michigan with dual master degrees in Business Administration and Industrial Operations Engineering.

There is no finish line in Seeking Knowledge...
Knowledge has to be shared, challenged and improved indefinitely, or it disappears!


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