Our vision
MindSynch intends to provide and facilitate knowledge exchange between individuals with the aim to enable and empower them to excel in their lives.
Our mission

The word "Tutor" has a long history, originating in Ancient Greek from the word "tueri", which meant to watch or to guard. The role of a tutor was seen as a person who was both a guardian of knowledge and also prepared a young person for his role in society, watching over his progress in the process. The importance of tutoring was also prevalent in Ancient China. Confucius himself stated: "Among a group of three, there is always one who can be my teacher." (Analects of Confucius, Chapter 7).

Today we refer to tutors almost exclusively with focus on the role of a teacher who provides education to individuals or smaller groups.

We believe that there is an abundance of tribal knowledge residing within all of us that can be of great benefit to others but is hardly ever shared in a proper manner. Imagine the possibilities if we could easily tap into this vast pool of knowledge resources to pick up a new hobby, a new language or professional skill via convenient online tutoring.

To achieve our vision we follow three beliefs:
  • Nobody is too old to learn.
  • Everyone has the ability and wish to share his/her knowledge.
  • The knowledge within us is alive and worth sharing.
Our core values

To make our vision a reality and to drive our mission effectively we need a set of core values that everyone should adhere to on a daily basis. At MindSynch we want to live the following values:

Ethical Conduct of Business

We conduct our business in a clean manner with uncompromising integrity because we value the importance of knowledge.

Continuous Evolution

We strive to become better in what we do in order to offer the MindSynch community access to better learning experience.

Dedication to Our Mission

Knowledge sharing lives with the quality of the community and its members. We aim to build a community of dedicated individuals who share our passion and commitment to knowledge sharing.

Benefit to Society

Knowledge sharing is a social act and only meaningful if it helps make society and the world a better place. We aim to follow this guiding principle in our daily actions to drive the services of MindSynch.

Excellence in Our Services

We do not simply want to provide content but offer the best available knowledge and experience in the market.


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